Math Tab-Its – Exit Books for the CCSS

Hi Friends…Hope you are well!  I was wondering how many of you use Exit Tickets or Slips after a lesson or a unit of study in your class?  I have never used this type of quick informal assessment until last year and I LOVED it!!!  It gave me such a good picture as to what each child understood or did’t “get” during my lesson or unit.

Using Exit Tickets will:

  • provide teachers with an informal measure of how well students have understood a topic or lesson
  • help students reflect on what they have learned
  • allow students to express what or how they are thinking about new information
  • they teach students to think critically
Last year as I was thinking about my assessments one word came to my mind…ANXIETY!  Yep..student anxiety!  Even though I always approached assessments lightly in my classroom, I have always had a handful of students who got nervous and sometimes bombed the assessment even though they knew the material.  So that was when I decided to include EXIT TICKETS into my math units of study.
I wanted to ensure that my Exit Tickets covered a variety of skills and strategies and have an element of FUN, too.  So I created a resource called Tab-Its for my Interactive Notebooks.
I thought about this towards the end of last year and made one to see how it would work out for my students and they LOVED LOVED LOVED them!  We did the What are Fractions Tab-It Book and it was a  huge hit with my students….best part..
I created Tab-It Exit Books for 8 skill areas for math.  Place Value, Addition, Subtraction, Measurement, Money, Time, and Geometry.  After the students complete them, they will go into their Math Interactive Notebooks.
Here is a closer look at the Tab-It Book called 
What is Subtraction?

I hope you give Exit Tickets a shot in your own classroom!  If you would like to give my Tab-Its a try, head on over to check them out in my TPT Shop!  Just click the image below to head on over.
This Place Value Tab-Its is a FREEBIE!!!!!
Thanks for stopping by!
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  • kiiiley
    August 1, 2014 at 2:31 pm

    I love how these provide a neatly packaged summary of a topic that the kids can reference again and again. I teach middle school and could definitely adapt this idea to my classroom.

  • Suzy Palmer
    August 2, 2014 at 3:49 pm

    Going on my wishlist! Love it!

    On the Go Teacher Mama