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Hey there friends… So sorry it has taken me so long to get this post up and running!   Here is the first installment of my Get Your Groove On with Guided Math blog series!  I hope you find these little tidbits helpful!

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There are basically 9 main components of Guided Math. If you would like to get Guided Math up and running in your classroom, you will need to focus on these components:


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Today we will talk about All Things Organization!


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A well-organized classroom = a well-organized math block! It is extremely important to have all of your math materials and manipulatives organized and labeled so that the students know exactly where to find what they need and where to put it back.

Everything in my classroom has a “home” and my kiddos know that all of our materials always go “home” when they are done with them.

I have a 10-drawer cart for my Spin-Its Math Stations.  Each of my Spin-Its Math Stations is inside of a clear snap-close document holder. There is a number on each document holder that matches the number on the drawer cart.

On top of the drawer-cart is a small bin that houses all of my Math Journal Word Problems  for the unit of study that we are currently working on.

There is a white bin on top of my manipulatives shelf that houses all of my students ½ cut composition notebooks. My students glue their Math Journal Word Problems in these ½ cut composition notebooks.

All of my math manipulatives are stored in covered bins and are clearly labeled.

My Fact Fluency materials are stored in the small white Steralite drawers. I house my Hot Dots, my Beat the Clocks, and my Fact Fluency Math Muscles folders in these drawers.

Near my desk, I keep a basket filled with all of the different materials that I need for my small group math instruction. I have dry-erase boards, markers and erasers, tons of clear sheet protectors for my Lesson Workmats, small baskets for manipulatives, pencils, and my bell for transitions.

I created a quick video to show you how I organize my Guided Math binders as well!

If you would like some Guided Math Freebies to get some of your organization up and running, click the image below!

guided math freebies, guided math organization a nutshell that gives you a little information about how I organize aspects of my Guided Math time! If you want to head back to my main post to read the rest of the installments on

Get Your Groove On with Guided Math, click here to head on back to my main post to read about the next component of Guided Math!





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    September 11, 2016 at 3:25 pm

    Love your videos! It is a great visual to explain your organization process! Could you also share how you are organizing your notes on students? Do you keep assessment data in that binder as well? I’ve tried a couple of different ways, and I’m interested to know how you organize that system (data collection on students).