Guided Math: Independent Practice

Let’s chat about INDEPENDENT PRACTICE time during Guided Math Rotations today!

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After my students meet with me at Teacher Feature for their small group lesson, they will rotate to the next round called Workbook Nook. This is the rotation where they work on an independent activity based on the lesson I just taught in small groups. Almost all of my activities that the students complete during Workbook Nook are Interactive Notebook activities (link: My students LOVE doing Interactive Notebook activities because they are not just filling in a boring worksheet. They are active while they are working. They are cutting, gluing, coloring (great for fine motor skills) and thinking. They are completely engaged and they always say how much fun they have at Workbook Nook. At the end of my small group lesson, I give instructions on what they are expected to during Workbook Nook. I give them their activity, they go to the math manipulatives station to get the materials that they need and they can go anywhere in the room they would like to work.

The MAIN REASON that Guided Math runs so smoothly in my classroom is due to one major thing – CONSISTENCY! My independent activities are consistent so they always know what to expect and how to accomplish it. My small group work is CONSISTENT. They always know what to expect during a lesson because my expectations and lessons are CONSISTENT. I no longer have to review directions by mid-October because they understand and know what is expected and what they have to do because everything they do is CONSISTENT.

One question I get ALL THEM TIME is how do you correct all of their work! Take a look at the small picture on the bottom right above…do you see the notebooks all stacked up and open to the page they just did? That’s the answer! When my students finish their independent work, math station, or math journals, they stack them up in a pile opened to the page they just completed. It takes me less than ten minutes to check all of their work because each book is already opened to the page and they are stacked up. This saves me hours of time each week!

workbook nook, guided math independent work, working independently during guided math, a nutshell that is how I manage my students’ independent work during my Guided Math instruction! If you want to head back

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