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3 Easy Steps to STREAMLINE Your Guided Reading Instruction

Learn how to Effectively Streamline Your Guided Reading Instruction

  Hey there peeps…. Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today. Β I really wanted to focus today’s blog post on how to help you STREAMLINE your Guided Reading Instruction. Within my Facebook groups, my blog, and through e-mails from my newsletter subscribers, I ALWAYS get questions about guided reading. Β I truly believe that many teachers (myself included..until recently πŸ™‚ are on the guided reading STRUGGLE BUS. Some of the most common questions or struggles that I hear are……

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Cause and Effect & a FREEBIE!

Hi Friends…I hope this post finds you all well and rested πŸ™‚  I wanted to share with you how I teach the concept of Cause and Effect in my classroom.  I just LOVE teaching about this skill to my kiddos, however, it is a somewhat difficult concept to teach.  I love teaching it so much, that I chose to have my observation this year on this topic…and my principal LOVED it! Before I go into how I teach this concept,…

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