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3 Easy Steps to STREAMLINE Your Guided Reading Instruction

Learn how to Effectively Streamline Your Guided Reading Instruction

  Hey there peeps…. Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today.  I really wanted to focus today’s blog post on how to help you STREAMLINE your Guided Reading Instruction. Within my Facebook groups, my blog, and through e-mails from my newsletter subscribers, I ALWAYS get questions about guided reading.  I truly believe that many teachers (myself included..until recently 🙂 are on the guided reading STRUGGLE BUS. Some of the most common questions or struggles that I hear are……

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Blog Hop & a FREEBIE!

Hi Friends… Happy Sunday!  Some of my best blogging buddies have come together once again this month to do our  “TAKE A CLOSER LOOK” segment where we share some information and a FREEBIE from one of our newest resources!  So without further ado….. I wanted to give you a closer look at my Reading Tab-Its!  I have this resource for Grades 1, 2, & 3! This past week we worked on my Cause and Effect Tab-It  and my Plot Tab-It.…

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Ditch the Worksheets = F.U.N.

Hi Friends…. I hope this post finds you all well.  A few weeks ago I stayed after school {in my very quiet classroom….ahhh} and I started thinking about how I could add some more PIZZAZZ to my  Guided Reading Groups.  As part of our reading series {Pearson Reading Street}, we must teach a comprehension skill and strategy each week, which will also be revisited many times throughout the year.   I find myself sometimes using the same activity or worksheet…

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