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Number Sense

Using Math Manipulatives Webinar

    Hey there peeps! I am hoping that you just finished watching our Using Math Manipulatives webinar that I hosted with my good friend, Erica from Erica’s Ed-Ventures over at TPT Headquarters! We wanted to THANK YOU all for watching and for your great questions! We thought it would be helpful to share some of the resources that we mentioned in the webinar here on our blogs. If you were unable to catch the webinar, you can still check…

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Number Sense and Decomposition of Numbers!

Hi Friends… I hope this post finds you all well. I wanted to share a little bit about how we go about digging deep into number sense in our 2nd grade classroom and the beginnings of decomposition of numbers.  Just a side note… I have been teaching second grade for 22 years straight!…I know….right!  It’s a long time in one grade, but I couldn’t imagine teaching another grade level.  Every year I do everything in my power to change things…

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Penguin Math Day!

I LOVE penguins…Honestly…If I could I would have one as a pet! Since I love them so, I decided to have a Penguin Math Day.  And what better day to do it, but before a break!!!  The kids had a BALL!!! Normally, I would put these activities in my math center and have the students work on these during our center rotation.  But, I coudn’t wait to use them so Penguin Math Day we had!!  LOL  Unfortunately, I can’t post…

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