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What is Simply Skilled Teaching?


Hey there Peeps… I hope this post finds you all well!

I have been getting this question via e-mail A LOT!  So… I figured….it might be time to give my peeps some insight into what Simply Skilled Teaching is all about!


This is …..

This is the reason I created Simply Skilled Teaching.

These are the words I hear OVER and OVER and OVER again within the various online teaching communities that I am part of and from the e-mails I receive every day.

TEACHING is HARD… like CRAZY HARD WORK… and not one person TRULY understands this unless they are teachers…teaching every day… in the trenches… HARD!

My WHY was to completely ANNIHILATE these feelings that teachers feel every.single.day!

The reason that I KNOW teachers feel this way is because I have had the EXACT SAME FEELINGS for years…and in the past 5 years our jobs became even harder.

My WHY was to help teachers REDUCE the constant OVERWHELMED FEELING that they have week in and week out by taking some of the WORK OFF of their plate!

Teachers are on a constant hamster wheel every single day….and then it starts all over again on the following Monday… or… SUNDAY when we are working for hours planning our lessons, getting our materials together, grading papers…it’s an ENDLESS stream of work… that literally NEVER STOPS… can you relate?  I know you can…

I asked myself…“How can I help teachers NOT feel this way constantly and take some of the burden OFF of their shoulders?”

And then it happened… I decided to create something FOR TEACHERS so TEACHERS can have a bit of their lives back on the weekends… and that’s when Simply Skilled Teaching was born.


Simply Skilled Teaching is a monthly membership site for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade teachers where I provide Guided Reading Lessons for the entire MONTH…PLUS… a whole lotta yummy fun goodness for my peeps that includes Language Arts lessons, Close Reading lessons, Science and Social Studies activities, Holiday Happenings activities for the upcoming holidays…..AND…

Teaching Videos in our Backstage Pass area of the Members’ Dashboard!

The Guided Reading lessons, Close Reading lessons, and Language Arts lessons are scripted and very easy prep.

Each of my Guided Reading Units comes with 3 Guided Reading Books on the SAME TOPIC…BUT…offered on 3 different reading levels.

NOW…your little strugglers won’t know that they are reading a different book than your advanced readers.  Same book…Same illustrations…Same Comprehension Skills…BUT…DIFFERENT LEVELS!

I now have included guided reading resources for our beginning first grade readers for Levels D, E, F, and G that focuses on word work, discussion questions, strategy instruction, and guided reading comprehension lessons as well!

I have also included my brand new guided reading curriculum Reach, Teach & Learn bundles available by their levels.

Here is a SNEAK PEEK at one of my Fictional Guided Reading units…

You choose 1 in Guided Reading Fiction, 1 in Guided Reading Nonficiton, 1 in Close Reading Fiction and 1 in Close Reading Fiction every single month.

Every month you choose 2 Close Reading passages. ( 1 fiction, and 1 nonfiction). Each close reading passage has a scripted 3-Day close reading lesson plan.  The fiction passage is professionally illustrated and the non-fiction passage is paired with full-color photographs.

I also include a Compare and Contrast Trifold so that students can compare and contrast two texts on a similar theme.

grammar lessons

Every month you choose 2 fully-developed Language Arts lessons.  Each lesson has a scripted standards-based lesson plan, a Guided Practice instructional piece, and an independent practice activity. (This bucket has now been combined with the CONTENT CORNER bucket inside the dashboard).

Each month you choose 1 Content Area resources for Science and/or Social Studies.  These are activities that can complement your content area lessons and instruction.

Each month you choose a resource to celebrate the upcoming holiday or seasonal event.

In the Backstage Pass area of the Member Dashboard, I upload TEACHING VIDEOS to demonstrate HOW I teach Close Reading during my guided reading group time and Guided Math groups as well.

I also have a PLATINUM Membership option for my teacher peeps who would like to implement my Guided Math Program.

So… there it is in a nutshell… That’s what Simply Skilled Teaching is ALL ABOUT!  If you would like to learn a bit more about it, head on over to the Simply Skilled Teaching website!

Enrollment in Simply Skilled Teaching is ONLY……

Take a PEEK at what Simply Skilled Members received for the month of February!

So CLICK HERE to head on over and check out Simply Skilled Teaching….and…..


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  1. Hi Anna,
    This sounds great! I am currently teaching First grade, but am moving to 2nd next year. Just wondering if I should start now, or wait until I actually start 2nd grade to get a membership. Any thoughts?

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Hi, I'm Anna! I was a primary teacher for over twenty-three years, wife of a firefighter, mother of twin teenage boys, obsessed with being creative and helping teachers and love my Saturday morning quiet cup of coffee!
Thanks for stopping by!

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