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Guided Math: Math Stations

Math Stations

Let’s chat about Math Stations today!

Remember when I said CONSISTENCY IS KEY to Guided Math Success? Well… That is 100% true especially when your students are working in Math Stations. How many times have you put out Math Stations or Centers and your students constantly come up to you with question after question, even after you explained the directions?? Yep…I know the answer is A LOT! There is a solution to this, though. It’s all about CONSISTENCY and REVIEW! ALL of my Math Stations are similar! The content is different and the learning targets are different, but the process is the SAME…CONSISTENCY!

I have created a brand new line of Math Stations called SPIN-ITS Math Stations

spin-its math stations, math stations, math centers

Every single math station is based on a spinner activity.

Not only do the students LOVE them, but there are ZERO QUESTIONS about how the stations are completed…what they have to do…what is expected…Nothing…no questions at all due to CONSISTENCY!

One more important aspect to Math Stations is that EVERY math station that you have out during a unit is REVIEW! Never add new material into your math stations until you have FINISHED teaching that unit. For example, during my Addition and Subtraction Strategies Unit my students are NOT working on addition and subtraction during their math stations. They are working on my Number Sense and Place Value Math Stations because Math Stations are for REVIEW and provide additional practice.

They are not meant for students to practice new material. Expecting students to complete new material during their math station rotation will cause confusion and chaos in your classroom because the students will be constantly asking questions and interrupting your small group lesson. Math Stations and Math Journals are ALWAYS REVIEW from the prior unit you taught! Then when I have completed teaching my Addition and Subtraction Strategies unit and move on to my Addition and Subtraction Regrouping Unit my students are NOT working on regrouping Spin-Its. That is when my students will work on my Addition and Subtraction Strategies Spin-Its Math Stations.

 Just remember…the most important aspect to smooth running math stations is Consistency and Review! a nutshell that is how I manage Math Stations during my Guided Math instruction! If you want to head back to my main post to read the rest of the installments on Get Your Groove On with Guided Math, click here to head on back to my main post to read about the next component of Guided Math!

If you are interested in learning how to implement Guided Math using a Step-by-Step approach, I have created an online Professional Development Guided Math workshop called Guided Math that Works.

Guided Math that Works is an online Professional Development Workshop that I created for elementary teachers in Grades 1-5! This professional development workshop has been a true labor of love that took me a year to develop to ensure that I took all of my LESSONS LEARNED and mistakes that I made along the way and help YOU AVOID making the same mistakes that I made when I first implemented the Guided Math framework in my classroom and feel successful as soon as you put the guided math gears in motion!

Guided Math that Works provides you with a clear and actionable ROADMAP to easily and efficiently get Guided Math up and running in your classroom! I am teaching you EVERYTHING I have done in my own classroom to have a calm, organized, streamlined, and chaos-free guided math block where you will begin to see your students’ math success SOAR!

Here’s the lowdown on Guided Math that Works…

This Professional Development Workshop includes:

  • 5 Learning Modules that contain 24 video-based lessons
  • 5 hours of learning that can be used towards your professional development requirements
  • PDF downloadable workbooks for each module
  • TONS and TONS of amazing BONUSES in the bonus module of the course (OVER $40 in BONUSES ALONE)

This Professional Development Workshop can be done in the comfort of your own home (PJs acceptable) or your school district can purchase licenses for their teachers through our school district licensing program.

Here is an overview of the modules:

math stations, how to organize math stations, guided math stations
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Anna D.

4 thoughts on “Guided Math: Math Stations”

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  2. I am so pumped to get started on guided math this year!! I’m so happy i found your blog! there will be great things happening in room z this year! thanks anna! btw….wheredo you get your spinners?!?!?

  3. Good Morning! I loved reading all your posts on Guided Math, after being a math resource teacher for two years I’ll be going back into the classroom and couldn’t be more excited. My question is about your math stations: how do the student know which math station they are going to each day and how many different ones do you have available at a time? Also, you keep the same review station activities through out the whole current unit or do you change them out each week? Thanks! Looking forward to hearing back from you! Have a wonderful summer!

    1. I had the same question about how students know which station activity to complete and the number of math station activities students complete in one rotation. 🙂

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Hi, I'm Anna! I was a primary teacher for over twenty-three years, wife of a firefighter, mother of twin teenage boys, obsessed with being creative and helping teachers and love my Saturday morning quiet cup of coffee!
Thanks for stopping by!

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