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Summer Activities for Teachers 25 Tips

summer activities for teachers 25 tips

Here’s my advice when it comes to summer activities for teachers: live a little! Swap the sensible shoes for flip flops! Ditch the dry erase markers and pick up a popsicle! Go 24 hours without raising your eyebrows and asking someone to “think about how you could have made a better choice.” (OK, that last one might not be possible for those of us who have children–or a husband, for that matter!)

The point is, we’re freeeeee! For the summer, anyway. Like this post, the break will be all too short; but I hope you’ll enjoy this lighthearted read that’s meant simply to encourage you to breathe. (Forgive me, but in addition to the fun stuff, I’ve also included a few practical suggestions that may help you prepare for the next school year.)

Ready? Let’s head into summer, aka, Teachers’ Paradise….

Fun Summer Activities for Teachers

  • Enjoy sitting at tables that are not kidney-shaped.
  • Give your insulated lunch tote a well-deserved rest.
  • Read for pleasure.
  • Nap for sanity.
  • Dress for comfort (see opening line for flip flop reference).
  • Climb a real mountain versus a mountain of paperwork.
  • Dangle your feet in the water.
  • Bury your feet in the sand.
  • Try on fun shoes (see opening line for sensible shoe reference).
  • If the shoe fits, buy it.
  • Decorate something besides a bulletin board.
  • Pursue wakeboarding instead of whiteboarding.
  • Remain principled while you live free of principals.
  • Forget about young minds and just mold a sandcastle.
  • Refer to “cubbies” only in relation to baseball.

Seriously, teacher peeps, I do hope you have an amazing summer, filled with all the people, places and things you love. Those first 15 tips were just for fun, which I hope you have a lot of in the next several weeks! Although you may still have a busy schedule, and you may have taken on an extra job or side hustle, you still need to make some time for you this summer. So do things that spark joy.

Now here are a few thoughts on some practical and constructive things you can do this summer to improve your teaching skills, further your career goals and ease the transition into the next school year. They’re not as fun as trying on shoes, but I hope you’ll try one or two of them anyway!

Fun Summer Activities for Teachers: Part Deaux


  • Join a book club (for learning & enrichment or just plain fun–you decide!)
  • Have lunch with a fellow teacher at a real restaurant (nowhere near the teacher’s lounge or school cafeteria).
  • Enjoy an adventure date with your spouse (hike a trail…zipline…try a new cuisine…or just hop in the car and take a road you’ve never traveled).

Exercise Your Mind…

  • Listen to a teaching podcast, or check out my YouTube channel!
  • Read an educational journal.
  • Try out a few new learning apps (Click to see my recent blogpost).
  • Take a professional development course—check out my professional development workshop, Guided Reading That Works, and learn how to streamline your Guided Reading instruction!
  • Browse Pinterest for teaching strategies, classroom decor, etc. — avoid getting sucked in to comparison games: instead, just use it to spark your own creativity!

Optimize Your Time

  • Do some advanced planning and get a jump on organizing your Guided Reading materials
  • Plan ahead for lesson planning! Download my Perfect Planbook to make next year’s lesson planning easy. You may think lesson planning is a drag; however, it doesn’t have to be! Use the Perfect Planbook to create stylish digital lesson plans with ease! All it takes is a couple of clicks to customize your perfect plan, cut down on planning time, and bring your personal style into the classroom. Choose from 300 custom backgrounds and duplicate your lesson plans for the day–or an entire week–with just a few simple clicks. Easily attach state standards to your records, and access and edit your plans from any internet-connected browser on your tablet or computer. Add weekly To-Do lists that print out right alongside your lesson plans, and use the built-in Grade Book feature to quickly access and update grades on the go. Click here to get the Perfect Planbook.

OK, friends, that’s my short & sweet list of summer activities for teachers. Just a few suggestions for fun in the sun, with a little productivity thrown in. Hope it sparks your imagination and helps you plan well for these last few, fleeting weeks of freedom! Create some memories in the summer sun, and then get back to finding joy in what you love and what you were made to do: teaching.

Get Ready for Fall…

Here’s a little inspiration for when you’re ready to start planning for your fall Guided Reading units! Check out the fall edition of my Read-ItsTM Paired Passages:

You’ll get 18 passages on 9 different Fall topics to implement from September to November. There’s a fiction passage trifold and a non-fiction passage trifold for EACH topic. There is also a Compare and Contrast Trifold where the students will compare and contrast the Paired Passages on the specific topic. When you’re ready to start Guided Reading lesson planning, I’ve got you covered!

Now, I’m BEYOND THRILLED to share with you some exciting news that is going to transform your literacy instruction!

introducing guided readers

Guided Readers is my brand new comprehensive online Guided Reading program that provides hundreds of leveled Guided Reading texts, rigorous lesson plans, and word work instruction, based on best practices in literacy instruction. One of the best features is the Digital Interactive Reader that will provide your students with oral comprehension, decoding, and fluency practice.

Guided Readers will give you access to amazing lesson plans along with professionally illustrated printable & digital books and instructional materials. There are 3 affordable program plans for Guided Readers, and right now they’re at special introductory prices! Click here for Guided Readers!

Thanks for stopping by, and happy teaching!


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Hi, I'm Anna! I was a primary teacher for over twenty-three years, wife of a firefighter, mother of twin teenage boys, obsessed with being creative and helping teachers and love my Saturday morning quiet cup of coffee!
Thanks for stopping by!

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