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martin luther king jr for kids

Martin Luther King, Jr. for Kids

One of my favorite people in history to teach about is Martin Luther King, Jr. I always couldn’t wait to read multiple books about this incredible man and his life and mission with the students in my classroom. I had so many wonderful books in my classroom library that celebrated…

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keep them engaged types of sentences

Keep. Them. ENGAGED! Yes YOU Can…with a FREEBIE!

Real Talk… Are you ready? I cannot imagine doing anything else with my life other than teaching.. but…I AM T.I.R.E.D….with a CAPITAL “T”! I have the cutest and sweetest group of littles this year…but they are A.C.T.I.V.E. with a CAPITAL “A”! So I literally have to take this into account…

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Spelling Instruction throughout the Year!

Hi Friends.. I hope this post finds you well.  I am nearing the end of my summer vacation and I am sure that some of you are already back to the grind!  This summer I was on a QUEST to revamp my spelling instruction.  I wanted a little bit more…

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learning short vowels

Learning our Short Vowels!

Hi Friends… UGH….my summer is almost coming to and end and I am ACTUALLY starting to think about my classroom and the first few weeks of school!  I basically have my first week planned out, but the second week of school we hit the ground running with content…content….content!  LOL  …

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prefixes suffixes and a freebie

Prefixes, Suffixes and a FREEBIE Just for YOU!

Hi Friends….   The past two weeks we have been working on Prefixes and Suffixes in our second-grade classroom!  My kiddos were having such a good time brainstorming words with prefixes and then figuring out the meaning.   They really had a strong grasp of the concept… I was pretty…

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NO Stress Spelling

Getting my little kiddos to THINK about spelling patterns in words is no easy task.  Many times they’re rushing during their writing activities to “just get through it.”  Often when writing, they refuse to take the time to use the spelling patterns and strategies I’ve taught. This makes me a…

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Grammar FUN for Interactive Notebooks

Hi Friends… I hope this post finds you all well!   I’m sure you know that I have been teaching second grade FOREVER for over 22 years…so I have been teaching the same skills for that long as well.  I don’t know about you, but I get bored pretty quickly and…

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Blog Hop & FREEBIE!

  Hi Friends… Happy Sunday!  Some of my best blogging buddies have come together once again this month to do our “TAKE A CLOSER LOOK” segment where we share some information and a FREEBIE from one of our newest resources!  So without further ado…..   I wanted to give you…

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Parts of Speech Fun blog post

Parts of Speech F.U.N.!

Hi Friends…Teaching about parts of speech is one of my favorite things to teach about….I think it’s because after I teach them…I MAKE sure they use “juicy” adjectives and adverbs in their sentences.  It makes for a happy teacher 🙂 I always start teaching parts of speech using a mentor…

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Dictionary Skills…Made EASY!

Hello my friends…Do you have to teach Dictionary Skills to your students?  I do!  And let me tell you…. THIS IS NO EASY TASK!!!!  🙂  Teaching my little ones how to use Guide Words to “guide” them through the dictionary is difficult…so what did I do???  I created a resource…

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