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summer activities for teachers 25 tips

Summer Activities for Teachers 25 Tips

Here’s my advice when it comes to summer activities for teachers: live a little! Swap the sensible shoes for flip flops! Ditch the dry erase markers and pick up a popsicle! Go 24 hours without raising your eyebrows and asking someone to “think about how you could have made a…

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Top 7 Classroom Management Tips

Classroom Management Strategies – 7 Top Tips

Today’s classroom management strategies provide a framework for promoting positive behavior. We’ve all seen those old black & white class photos from the fifties: perfectly straight rows of desks filled with well-behaved, smiling children, each one sitting up straight with hands folded. The teachers stands near the chalkboard, holding the…

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Apps to use to teach Reading

Apps for Teaching Reading 5 Things to Consider

We’ve all run across an old Dick and Jane book while browsing in a thrift shop or antique store; but I must admit, when I see one it makes me thankful it’s the 21st century! There are so many effective and engaging apps available for teaching reading in today’s classroom!…

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st patricks day in classroom activities

St. Patrick’s Day Fun in the Classroom

Hey Peeps…. I hope this post finds you well!  One of my favorite days to celebrate in my classroom over the years has been St. Patrick’s Day. I am 50% Irish and 50% Italian!  My mom is Irish and my dad was Italian.  My dad was a HOOT!  He used…

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5 ways to engage learners

5 Ways to Engage Your Learners in October

Hey there Friends… Here in the northeast the chill is definitely in the air and you can feel that Fall is here! Fall is my all time FAVORITE time of year! So I just wanted to share some things that I do with my kiddos to get them engaged and…

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apple day in the classroom

Apple Day is COMING!

APPLE DAY is coming!!!! YAY!!! Apple Day is one of my FAVORITE days of the school year!  I have been doing Apple Day for the past 20 years in my classroom and I still love it every year.  Even though I LOVE summer, Fall is my favorite season.  The crisp…

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having a growth mindset

Start your year off having a GROWTH MINDSET! {Freebie}

Hi Friends… I hope this post finds you well.  I wanted to share an activity with you that I do during the first week of school.  I am a STICKLER when it comes to saying the words “I CAN’T!” Those words are actually like hearing nails on a chalkboard for…

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classroom reveal

Classroom Reveal

Hi Friends… I am so excited to be linking up with Angie and Ashley for our Classroom Reveals today and join in on the 2getherwearebetter bandwagon! How EXCITING!  I love looking at other teacher’s classrooms and getting new ideas.  Yesterday was my first day of school so I am a…

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Peek at my Week :)

Hi Friends… This is a FIRST for me 🙂  I have never done a Peek at my Week blog post…so bare with me 🙂  I am not going to create visual plans, but I will show you what my “plans” are for the week 🙂  I’m just amazed at my…

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Flip Flap Books Made EASY Video!

  Hi Friends…I’m sure you all know by now that I am obsessed with LOVE making Flip Flap Books!  Not only do I love them, but my students CANNOT get enough of them!  It even got to a point last year where my students were telling me which flip flap…

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