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Learning the Classroom RULES can be F.U.N.!

Hi Friends… Thanks so much for stopping by today! I am so excited because I am in the midst of my summer vacation and I don’t start school until September 2nd!  Can I get a WOOT-WOOT!!!  Even though I’m on summer break, I LOVE using my time to “THINK” about…

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Brain Breaks with GoNoodle

Hi Friends… Thanks so much for stopping by today.  I recently started doing Brain Breaks in my classroom with my kiddos and I LOVE them…but more importantly, my KIDS LOVE THEM!  I have a wonderful class of little ones this year, but many of them have the wiggly squiggles 🙂…

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End of the Year Activities = FUN!

  Hi Friends… I hope this blog post finds you well.  I wanted to share a few activities that I do with my kiddos during the last few weeks of school.  I don’t finish my year until the last week of June, but I know that many schools end in…

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Behavior Management Tips In The Classroom

    “Don’t Rip Your Hair Out” over behavior management is the theme of my post today.  I wanted to share with you my classroom management procedures that I have set in place within my 2nd grade classroom.   A few years ago, I felt that my classroom management techniques…

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Laminating H.E.A.V.E.N.! Seriously!

Ok..Friends…This post may make me sound a bit cray-cray…but it has to be done!  So about 20 years ago I was a brand-spankin’ new teacher…bright eyed, ready to go, and ready to do everything I did when I played school for all of those years in my basement.  So after…

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Primary Chalkboard is LIVE !!

Hello my wonderful friends… I hope this post finds you all well and rested….well…maybe not rested as I am sure many of you are back to work already.  Me…I have 2 more blissful weeks before my life become CHAOTIC again 🙂 But today I have a H.U.G.E ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! I am…

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Flip-Flap Books DEMYSTIFIED!!!!!

Hi Friends…I’m sure you all know by now that I am obsessed with LOVE making Flip Flap Books!  Not only do I love them, but my students CANNOT get enough of them!  It even got to a point last year where my students were telling me which flip flap books to make…

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Writing Keepsake – First Day & Last Day of School

Hi Everyone…I wanted to share a project that I did with my second graders this year that they L-O-V-E-D!!! They had so much fun making them and I had parents e-mail me telling me how much they loved it!  Unfortunately, I did not do it on the First Day of…

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Hi Everyone….I hope everyone is well 🙂 As of tomorrow, Google Reader is a GONER!!!! 🙁 insert sad face here 🙁 But I am already on board with Bloglovin! It is sooooooo easy to set up an account and follow me on bloglovin. Click this Bloglovin button below to follow…

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A Flip-Flap Fascination and an IDEA!!!

  Hi Everyone…. I’m sitting here on the couch with my little one while he sleeps…He gashed his eyebrow open this morning at school and needed 12 stitches!  OUCH!  It was not a pretty sight, but he didn’t even flinch..he is such a trooper!!!  So, while I am sitting here…

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