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I am a excited!!!  Not only do I have a Teachers Pay Teachers Shop…But now I am also the proud owner of my very own Teacher’s Notebook Shop as well!  I am so excited that I am running a 20% off SALE on everything in my Teacher’s Notebook Shop!! Check…

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Get to Know Anna DiGilio

  I am stuffed like a turkey..literally 🙂  I love Thanksgiving.. but I am actually still full 🙂  As I was preparing for the twenty people for dinner, I checked my e-mail on my phone and was giggly with excitement to see an e-mail from Realistic Teacher nominating me for…

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I am linking up with Storie for her Linky Party…10 Things I am Most Thankful For…

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Reading, Math, and a Hurricane named Sandy

Well….it has definitely been difficult these last ten days.  We didn’t have any power or a generator so we had to move out of our house for a bit and now we don’t have INTERNET!!!  This might just be even worse than not having any power!!!  What am I going…

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First Blog Post EVER!!!

Well….I did it! I set up my first blog!  I am very excited, but confused as well!  I am a pretty techy person, but this blogger thing takes a lot of getting used to and some serious understanding of HTML code.  I know a little bit of code..but definitely not…

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Hi, I'm Anna! I was a primary teacher for over twenty-three years, wife of a firefighter, mother of twin teenage boys, obsessed with being creative and helping teachers and love my Saturday morning quiet cup of coffee!
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