Guided Math: Managing Rotations

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Hey there friends… Here is the third installment of my Get Your Groove On with Guided Math Blog series!  I hope you find this post helpful!

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There are basically 9 main components of Guided Math. If you would like to get Guided Math up and running in your classroom, you will need to focus on these components:


managing guided math groups, guided math rotations, math workshop rotations, how to organize guided math rotations


Today we will talk about Managing Rotations!

small group rotations, managing guided math rotations

managing guided math groups, guided math rotations, math workshop rotations, how to organize guided math rotations

My Guided Math Rotations last between 15-20 minutes. When I had 4 rotations they were only 15 minutes because I only had a little over an hour for my math block. This past year I only had 3 rotations and each rotation lasted between 15-20 minutes long. My rotations are called Teacher Feature (small group instruction), Elation Stations (Math Stations) and Workbook Nook (Independent Activity). In past years I have used Tech Time (ipads) and Fact Fluency (fluency practice) as rotations as well. These rotations are part of my Guided Math/Math Workshop Rotations Board. (link: )

My Advanced students always start at Workbook Nook. They will be working on an independent activity from the prior day’s lesson (Yes..I promise.. they can do it!)

My Strategic Intervention group always starts at Teacher Feature for their daily small group instruction. My On-Level group begins their math block at Math Stations. In twenty minutes, I ring my doorbell and my students transition to the next round. (Please see the rotation board picture above.) I use a doorbell that plugs into an outlet for my chime. We rotate three times during my math block. I will get to see all of my groups each day! a nutshell that is how I manage my rotations during my Guided Math instruction! If you want to head back

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